Database Management


Under-leveraged data on a pipeline's operating history, right-of-way conditions and defect measurements provide an opportunity to improve safety and reduce integrity management costs. A structured data management program can drastically reduce the time to go from data collection to analysis and to results visualization. Integral Engineering works with pipeline and facility operators to:

  • Design and build databases,
  • Automate data import and validation,
  • Aggregate data from multiple data sources,
  • Create anonymized versions of databases for joint-industry initiatives, and
  • Create custom web apps to perform analysis and visualize data.

The tools available to accomplish each of these tasks on large datasets has grown rapidly in recent years, significantly reducing the time and cost required to build and deploy these solutions. Integral Engineering’s approach is to build customized solutions that fit directly within your current workflow and data structure. Contact us to find out more about what we can do to help you leverage your data more efficiently.


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