Data Intelligence for energy infrastructure

Pioneering the application of machine learning technology to enhance energy infrastructure maintenance and operations.


Integral Engineering takes a hands-on approach to tackle your most challenging integrity management problems. We work closely with your team to integrate our expert solutions with your existing workflow.

Tired of long, unwieldy consulting reports? We deliver fit-for-purpose analysis and tools, helping you gain new insights and actionable results faster.


We use the latest technology, research and engineering models to help you get the most insight and value from your data.


We deliver our solutions in dashboard reports and interactive visualizations to bring the results to life.


We adopt a phased and highly adaptable approach to our projects, so that you get analysis and tools that hit the mark


We work closely with major operators to help them implement industry-leading solutions to maintain safe systems at minimum cost.


Our Services

We're ready to tackle any challenge you’re facing, but our specialties include:


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