Finite Element Analysis


Many engineering problems involve complex geometries or loading conditions that do not have simple analytical solutions. Integral Engineering has experience building non-linear FEA models for:

  • Pipe strain demand after slope movement and remediation,
  • Pipeline design considering full life-cycle loading,
  • Buckling due to thermal and mechanical strains,
  • Heat transfer leading to ground thaw and subsidence,
  • Strain capacity of downhole well equipment, and
  • Remaining pressure capacity of eroded or cracked pipe.

Our engineers focus on using scripted workflows to build these models so that we can perform comprehensive parametric sensitivity studies that help you understand which variables have the most influence on the integrity of your system. We can use these parametric studies to build response surface models and combine these with statistical analysis to calculate expected failure rates. 

Drop us a line to find out how we can help you design better systems and keep them running under the most difficult operating conditions.


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